iotube is a cross-chain bridge designed to be decentralized, multi-chain, and multi-asset. It's developed by the IoTeX team to seamlessly connect IoTeX to popular blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more.
You can access io at iotube.org:
ioTube V5 - Beta
Check out these tutorials about using iotube to transfer tokens from other blockchains to IoTeX and back:
[ioTube Tutorial] Cross-Transfer Tokens between Ethereum and IoTeX
IoTeX Community
Ethereum <--> IoTeX
[ioTube Tutorial] Cross-Transfer Tokens between Binance Smart Chain and IoTeX
IoTeX Community
Binance Smart Chain <--> IoTeX
[ioTube Tutorial] Cross-Transfer tokens between Polygon and IoTeX
IoTeX Community
Polygon <--> IoTeX
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