Project Grants

The IoTeX Project Grants is comprehensive grant initiative specifically designed to support and accelerate the growth of established web3 and IoT companies within the IoTeX ecosystem. The Project Grants focus on two primary tiers: The Integration Tier and the DePIN Incubator, catering to projects with varying needs and objectives.

The Integration Tier supports projects and tools that are being ported or integrated from other blockchain ecosystems into the IoTeX network. This includes, but is not limited to, DeFi platforms, wallets, blockchain indexing tools, and more. The DePIN Incubator is tailored for projects that either have an existing product and wish to integrate real-world data (DePIN) or have proven expertise and aim to build a DePIN solution from scratch.

By participating in the IoTeX Project Grants, established web3 and IoT companies gain access to funding, technical support, and mentorship, ensuring their projects successfully contribute to the growth and adoption of the IoTeX technology, ecosystem, and community. Join us in advancing the IoTeX ecosystem and bringing innovative, real-world solutions to life for both web3 and IoT industries!

Apply to the IoTeX Project Grants

The link below will guide you to the Developer Portal, where you'll be able to start you journey and become part of the IoTeX Halo Grants Program 👇

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