Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) are transforming the way we interact with and manage physical systems by securely connecting IoT devices and infrastructure with blockchain technology. At IoTeX, we understand the tremendous potential of DePIN projects and encourage developers of all skill levels to join our grant program to create groundbreaking DePIN applications. We’re excited to support your journey in harnessing IoTeX and our layer-2 infrastructure, W3bstream, to shape the future of decentralized physical infrastructure. W3bstream plays a critical role in DePIN projects, providing the foundation for secure and efficient communication between smart devices and smart contracts.

Example 1

Decentralized Solar Energy Marketplace

Project Name: SolarDex

Description: SolarDex aims to create a decentralized marketplace for peer-to-peer solar energy trading, allowing individuals with solar panels to sell their excess energy to others within the community. The project will leverage IoTeX and W3bstream to securely process IoT data from smart meters and integrate it with smart contracts to enable transparent and efficient energy trading.


  1. Deploy a working version of the SolarDex project on IoTeX Testnet, showcasing the core features of the decentralized solar energy marketplace.

  2. Deploy the SolarDex project on IoTeX Mainnet, enabling users to trade solar energy securely and efficiently within the community.

  3. Increase user base by 20% within three months of Mainnet deployment, demonstrating the project’s scalability and impact.

Example 2

IoT-based Smart Agriculture Platform

Project Name: AgriSense

Description: AgriSense aims to build a smart agriculture platform that utilizes IoT devices and sensors to monitor and manage various aspects of farming, such as soil moisture, temperature, and crop health. The project will use IoTeX and W3bstream to securely process data from IoT devices, integrate it with smart contracts, and provide farmers with data-driven insights for optimal decision-making.


  1. Deploy a working version of the AgriSense project on IoTeX Testnet, demonstrating the integration of IoT devices with IoTeX and W3bstream for real-time agricultural data processing.

  2. Deploy the AgriSense project on IoTeX Mainnet, allowing farmers to access and utilize data-driven insights for improved agricultural management.

  3. Achieve a 15% increase in user base within three months of Mainnet deployment, showcasing the project’s value and impact on the agricultural industry.

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