Grant Verticals

Each grant level can be in any of these categories (verticals): DePIN, DeFi, NFT/Gaming, Infra/Dev Tooling

In our quest to foster innovation and growth within the IoTeX ecosystem, we have identified four key verticals that hold immense potential for the future of decentralized technology: DeFi, DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks), NFT/Gaming, and Infrastructure/Developer Tooling.

These verticals span across all grant tiers, allowing developers and teams to choose the category that best aligns with their expertise and ambitions. The Developer Grants cater to individual developers on a learning path, while the Project Grants target established web3 or IoT companies looking to integrate or build DePIN projects. For each vertical, we will provide examples of project submissions and suggested milestones, ensuring that applicants have a clear understanding of our expectations and the exciting opportunities that await them in their chosen path.

Dive into these dynamic verticals and join us in shaping the future of the IoTeX ecosystem.

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