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This grant is intended for developers who want to focus on a particular component of our framework, such as creating a device prototype (RPi, Arduino, ESP32), a W3bstream applet, or a project configuration with a specific purpose (e.g. an applet, an indexer and an event routing strategy that are designed for a DePIN use case of your choice).

This grant offers up to 500 USDT (in hardware and funds) depending on your existing user base and your skills level. If you don't have much of a user base, or you're just starting out, don't fret, we would still help you with your hardware, and we'll give you some community shoutouts.

  • Adequate technical expertise: Showcase your technical skills and experience in relevant fields, such as web development, IoT, or web3. Provide links to past projects, GitHub repositories, or other relevant work to strengthen your application.

What we expect
  • Continue community contributions: We expect you to maintain your active participation within the IoTeX Developer Community by sharing your knowledge, experiences, and project updates.

  • Utilize W3bstream and, if requested, hardware in your projects: We expect you to integrate W3bstream and, if applicable, utilize the hardware kit in your project to experiment with real-world data and explore hardware implementations.

Eligible Contributions

In order to submit a successful proposal for this grant, you'll have to adhere to either of these guidelines:

  • Publish a well-crafted, working tutorial on the community hub

  • Publish a polished video tutorial on youtube

  • Publish a tutorial on Hackster, or on a similarly popular hub that directs readers/audience to our docs, dev portal, W3bstream docs, etc...

⚠️ NOTE: You don't have to necessarily provide a GitHub repository (although you're definitely encouraged 😉). A written or video tutorial will be enough to be eligible for this grant.

Keep in mind that you'll have to provide a link to your work, so make sure you're happy with what you've done before moving on with the application. You can always reach out to our Discord Server with any question or for any support.

Once you're good to go, have learned a lot of have finally crafted a nice piece of content you're proud to share with the rest of the community, you can start filling out the form below and complete your application 👇

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