About IoTeX Staking

What is Staking

A core component of decentralized governance in the IoTeX Network is staking. In this process, token holders deposit (or "stake") IOTX to support network operations, consensus, and governance. By staking, these holders not only enhance the security of the IoTeX Network but also earn IOTX rewards in return.

Delegates and Consensus

IoTeX utilizes a consensus mechanism known as Roll-DPoS. In this system, community-voted Delegates manage consensus on behalf of the IoTeX Network. Anyone can β€œstake” their IOTX and cast a "vote" for one or more Delegates. A comprehensive list of IoTeX Delegates is available on the Staking Portal. Here, you can also stake your tokens, and choose delegates to support and manage your ongoing staking deposits.

Estimated returns

With IoTeX, the staking interest rate is approximately 6% APR, depending on the total IOTX staked in the network and the chosen staking configuration. When staking, the return can be enhanced by configuring various lock settings.

Learn more about configuring your staking ->

The staking guide

Staking in IoTeX offers great flexibility. Therefore, it's recommended that newcomers review the staking guide in this section. This will help you understand the various concepts and intricacies of staking within IoTeX. View the IoTeX Staking Guide ->

Becoming a Delegate

For those interested in supporting the network by becoming a delegate, the basic prerequisite is to self-stake 1.2M IOTX. For additional details please visit the Delegate Documentation Portal. Visit the Delegate Documentation Portal ->

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