The Integration Tier

Introducing the Integration Tier of the IoTeX Project Grants, designed specifically for projects and teams aiming to integrate their existing dApps or tools with the IoTeX ecosystem. Whether you're porting an application from another blockchain or developing a new tool such as a wallet, DeFi platform, or blockchain indexing solution, this tier is tailored to support seamless integration and collaboration. With the Integration Tier, we offer not only funding based on the project's scope, popularity, and potential impact on the IoTeX ecosystem, but also the invaluable technical support of our product and infrastructure teams. Join us in expanding the IoTeX ecosystem and making your mark on the future of decentralized technology.
  • Proven expertise and experience: Demonstrate your team's experience in the relevant field, including past projects, GitHub repositories, or other relevant work that showcases your team's capabilities.
  • Existing dApp or tool: Your project should have an existing dApp or tool on another blockchain or in development, which you intend to integrate with the IoTeX ecosystem.
  • Clear integration plan: Provide a well-defined plan outlining the steps for integration, including an estimated timeline and any resources needed.
What we expect
  • Successful integration: We expect your team to complete the integration of your dApp or tool with the IoTeX ecosystem within the proposed timeline.
  • Active collaboration: Maintain active communication with the IoTeX product and infrastructure teams, ensuring smooth collaboration and addressing any technical challenges that may arise.
  • Community engagement: Engage with the IoTeX community, providing updates on the integration progress, seeking feedback, and addressing any questions or concerns.
Submission Guidelines
  • Project overview: Provide a detailed description of your project, including its background, purpose, and the problem it aims to solve.
  • Integration plan: Outline the steps your team will take to integrate the dApp or tool with the IoTeX ecosystem, including the estimated timeline and required resources.
  • Team information: Introduce your team members, their roles, and their relevant experience or skills that will contribute to the success of the integration.
  • Funding request: Specify the amount of funding requested, along with a clear breakdown of how the funds will be utilized throughout the integration process.
  • Milestones: Define the key milestones for your project, including expected completion dates and measurable outcomes to gauge progress.