Resolve a IoTeX DID Document

IoTeX DID document is a JSON-LD document containing six, optional components:

  • The DID that points to the DID Document, identified by the key id

  • A list of public keys identified by the key publickey

  • List of protocols for authentication control of the DID and delegated capabilities identified by the key authentication

  • A set of service endpoints that allow discovery of way to interact with the entity, identified by the key service

  • A timestamp indicates when the DID Document was created and updated, identified by the key created/updated

  • A digital signature for verifying the integrity of DID Document, identified by the key proof

IoTeX DID has been integrated by (opens new window)which is the industrial de facto that resolves DID to the corresponding document

Here is a draft IoTeX DID document example:

  "@context": "",
  "id": "did:io:0x88C36867cffB66197812a9385A038cc6Dd75244b",
  "publicKey": [
      "id": "did:io:0x5576E95935366Ebd2637D9171E4C92e60598be10#keys-1",
      "type": "RsaVerificationKey2018",
      "controller": "did:io:0x56d0B5eD3D525332F00C9BC938f93598ab16AAA7",
      "publicKeyPem": "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY...END PUBLIC KEY-----\r\n"
  "authentication": [
      "type": "RsaSignatureAuthentication2018",
      "publicKey": "did:io:0x5576E95935366Ebd2637D9171E4C92e60598be10#keys-1"
  "service": [
      "id": "did:io:0x88C36867cffB66197812a9385A038cc6Dd75244b;exam_svc",
      "type": "ExampleService",
      "serviceEndpoint": ""
  "created": "2018-02-08T16:03:00Z",
  "proof": {
    "type": "LinkedDataSignature2015",
    "created": "2018-02-08T16:02:20Z",
    "creator": "did:io:0x5576E95935366Ebd2637D9171E4C92e60598be10#keys-1",
    "signatureValue": "QNB13Y7Q9...1tzjn4w=="

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