Developer Grants

Welcome to the IoTeX Developer Grants, a key component of the newly restructured Halo Grants Program. These grants are targeted at individual developers with diverse skill sets and backgrounds to explore, create, and innovate within the IoTeX ecosystem.

Developer Grants have three distinct tiers: the Learner, Explorer, and Builder. Each tier is designed to support individual developers in their learning journey, and offer funds that are proportionate to the dev's skills level, user base, and quality of the content created. By successfully completing a tier, developers will earn a Soul Bound Token (SBT), signifying their accomplishments and expertise.

By providing essential resources, mentorship, and financial support, we aim to help developers realize their full potential, graduate to become "IoTeX Builders", and contribute to the long-term success of the IoTeX developer community.

Apply to the IoTeX Developer Grants

The link below will guide you to the Developer Portal, where you'll be able to start you journey and become part of the IoTeX Halo Grants Program 👇

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