IOTX Token

IoTeX defines a native token represented by the symbol IOTX . This token is an integral part of the blockchain protocol to reward block-producers for keeping the network running and reward stakeholders for keeping the network secure by voting for delegates and locking their stakes. IOTX Tokens are also required to pay a "GAS fee" when a valid action is sent to the network, and this fee contributes to the rewarding pool for block-producers.

IOTX Fractions

6 fractions of the IOTX token are defined, where 1 Rau is the smallest IOTX token unit:
IOTX Value
Rau Value
1 Rau
10⁻¹⁸ IOTX
1 Rau
1 Krau
10⁻¹⁵ IOTX
10³ Rau
1 Mrau
10⁻¹² IOTX
10⁶ Rau
1 Grau
10⁻⁹ IOTX
10⁹ Rau
1 Qev
10⁻⁶ IOTX
10¹² Rau
1 Jing
10⁻³ IOTX
10¹⁵ Rau
10¹⁸ Rau
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