IoTeX Analytics

IoTeX Analytics is a service built upon IoTeX core API which extracts data from IoTeX blockchain and indexes them for applications to use via API calls or a GraphQL web interface.
The GraphQL endpoint is
Obtaining and API Key
Access to the analytics API requires an API token, which you can obtain using the ioctl tool. The service is entirely free, and you can generate your API token using the following command:
ioctl jwt sign --with-arguments '{"exp":"1767024000","sub":"AnalyserAPI","scope":"Read"}' -s user
See the ioctl reference documentation on how to install the tool and hot to use it to issue a JWT token.
After generating the token, you can use it to access the API and perform the necessary operations.
Keep the token secure and do not share it with unauthorized users to ensure the security of your API interactions.

Full API documentation


Included modules

The Chain service provides general information on the current status of the IoTeX blockchain and the IOTX token, like chain height, current epoch, total supply, total votes, etc...
The Delegate service provides detailed data about the IoTeX delegates, block producers, staking deposits, mining rewards, and more.
The Account service provides all the information related to blockchain accounts, from balances to transactions to aliases for known addresses.
The Voting service specializes in delegates ranking and votes.
The Action service allows any query to list transactions filtered by different criteria, like actions by date, address, type, etc...
The XRC20 service gives easy access to XRC20 fungible tokens data, like token holders and contract addresses.
The XRC721 service gives easy access to XRC721 non-fungible tokens data, like token holders and contract addresses.
The Hermes service gives access to rewards distributed by the IoTeX official Hermes system.
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