Configure your Pebble

The Pebble Configuration Tool is a desktop application designed to modify the configuration settings of your PebbleTracker and to update the device with new firmware.

Download Pebble Configuration Tool

The tool is compatible with both MacOS and Windows. You can download it using the following link:

Installation and Setup Guide

For Users

  1. Unzip the Folder: Locate the downloaded zip file and extract its contents.

  2. Edit Configuration:

    • Modify the config.pbi file as necessary to meet your needs, or replace it with a configuration file downloaded from a project to which you intend to contribute data.

  3. Launch the Tool: Open the Pebble Configuration Tool and follow the instructions to apply the configuration.

For macOS Users:

Make sure you move the config.pbi file into the application's directory at before you launch the tool.

For Developers

Custom Configuration for Projects:

  • If you are developing a product that utilizes trusted data from Pebble Tracker owners, customize the pebble.pbi configuration file to suit your project's specific requirements. You can then bundle this customized configuration file with the executable of the Pebble Configuration Tool.

  • Distribute this bundled version to your users, enabling them to configure their devices easily to transmit the correct data to your project.

Simplified User Experience:

  • The Pebble Configuration Tool will automatically detect and load any pebble.pbi file present in the executable's directory. In this case, users will see a "HOME" tab displaying your project's description and link according to your pebble.pbi content, allowing them to configure their device with just one click.

  • MacOS: Make sure you move the config.pbi file into the application's directory at when preparing the bundled tool.

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