Antenna SDK Overview

"Antenna" is the IoTeX native SDK, allowing you to directly interact with a local or remote IoTeX node using a gRPC connection, and is available for the most popular programming languages. The difference between developing using Antenna or Web3 SDK is that Antenna wraps the full gRPC Native API of the IoTeX protocol and uses the native representation of IoTeX addresses.

While IoTeX fully supports the Ethereum API, allowing you to use Web3 tools for dApp development, the fact that IoTeX architecture is more complex than Ethereum's, makes Antenna the necessary choice when you want to make use of IoTeX unique features. For example, "Delegates," "Block Producers," "Staking Transactions," "Buckets," "Voting," etc., are concepts that find no correspondence in Ethereum. Therefore if you want to use these features in your dApp, you won't find them in, e.g., Web3js: in this case, you will have to use Antenna.

The Example code section includes examples for each supported language.

Supported Languages

antenna-js (Javascript): Installation | GitHub

antenna-java (java): Installation | GitHub

antenna-go (go lang): Installation | GitHub

antenna-swift (iOS): Installation | GitHub

antenna-embedded (C): Installation | GitHub


Crypto This module provides crypto functions to generate public/private keys, sign transactions and data, and other cryptographic utility functions.

RPC-Methods This module allows calling any RPC-Method provided by an IoTeX Blockchain Gateway.

Account This Class provides functions to create and manage blockchain accounts.

Action This module allows to create and manage blockchain actions.

Contract This class allows interaction with contracts deployed on the IoTeX Blockchain, given the contract address and the ABI.

XRC20 This module allows to send, receive and query wallets for XRC20 tokens deployed on the IoTeX Blockchain.

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