Configure the firmware

If required, firmware parameters (e.g. MQTT parameters) can be customized before building a new image. You can configure the firmware both from inside Embedded Studio IDE or from command line. The most common settings you may want to configure are the following:

Enable/Disable GPS Asset Tracker > GPS > GPS Device

MQTT Broker url Asset Tracker > IoTeX Hosted MQTT broker hostname

Network mode (NB-IoT/LTE-M) Zephyr Kernel > Modules > Nordic nRF Connect > Libraries > nRF91 LTE Link control library > Select network mode

Configure the firmware in Embedded Studio

From the Embedded Studio, before starting the build process, choose Configure nRF Connect SDK Project in the Project menu, and choose menuconfig in the pop-up window.

You can use the search box to quickly locate te parameters you want to customize, e.g. and search "mqtt" to customize MQTT specific parameters:

Configure the firmware from command line

From command line, you can just run the following command to start the configuration menu:

# Move into the firmware app folder
cd %userprofile%/ncs/v1.3.0/nrf/applications/asset_tracker
# Optionally, delete the old build folder to start from default configuration
rmdir build /S /Q
# Start the configuration tool
west build -t menuconfig -b thingy91_nrf9160ns

The command line configuration tool will show up:

You can type the "/" character to quickly search a specific configuration item by name.

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