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IoTeX is a full-stack platform that enables the use of trusted data from trusted devices in trusted decentralized applications (dApps). IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and a layer-2 infrastructure to empower privacy-focused devices, apps, and services.
MachineFi is the core methodology developed by IoTeX to financialize the utility and data stream coming from machines, incentivize their deployment, and enable composable and transparent ways of building innovative applications. More information about MachineFi can be found in the MachineFi Vision Paper.
The core component of every MachineFi application is W3bstream: An off-chain computing infrastructure serving as an open, chain-agnostic and decentralized protocol sitting in between blockchain and devices to convert real-world data streams from devices into verifiable, dApp-ready proofs.

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Core API
dApp Sample


  • Use your favorite Ethereum tools and libraries to build on IoTeX
  • Port your existing dApps to IoTeX without any change to the code
  • Import the IoTeX native SDK for advanced features

Core API

See all available API calls to interact with an IoTeX blockchain node.
  • Build your first dApp on IoTeX using the most popular dev tools.
  • Sleek UI meets multi-wallet connection, cross-chain functionalities and token management - all out of the box 😉

IoTeX Integration

Smart Contracts
Exchanges and Wallets
Decentralized Identity
Exchange any asset or implement any logic in a transparent, decentralized fashion with IoTeX smart contracts.
Integrate your software with Payments, Deposits & Withdraws of IOTX coins and XRC20 tokens.
Give your users the ability to create and control their identities. IoTeX DID applies to individuals, enterprises, and devices!
ioTube Multi-Chain Bridge
ioctl Command Line Client
  • Extend the reach of your Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon tokens to the IoTeX chain
  • Make your Native IoTeX dApp cross-chain

ioctl is the IoTeX command-line client to interact with an IoTeX Gateway Node. With ioctl, you can send and query actions to the blockchain, manage accounts, transfer XRC20 tokens, deploy smart contracts, create a decentralized identity, and much more!
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