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IoTeX is a full-stack platform to enable trusted data from trusted devices, for use in trusted dApps. IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and confidential computing to empower privacy-focused devices, apps, and services.

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Use your favorite Ethereum tools and libraries to build on IoTeX, port your existing dApps without any change to the code, or import the IoTeX native SDK for advanced features: ᛫ Ethereum DevelopmentNative DevelopmentTutorials

Core API

See all available API calls to interact with an IoTeX blockchain node. ᛫ Native API ReferencegRPC proto filesEthereum API
Get started with a fully working example dApp using the most popular web development stack: multi-wallet connection, cross-blockchain, and tokens management is all working out of the box in a sleek user interface. ᛫ OverviewSee on GitHub

Build your IoTeX Integration

Exchange any asset or implement any logic in a transparent, decentralized fashion with IoTeX smart contracts. ᛫ Issue TokensFaucets
Integrate your software with Payments, Deposits & Withdraws of IOTX coins and XRC20 tokens. ᛫ Rosetta APIGeneral guide
Give your users the ability to create and control their identities. IoTeX DID applies to individuals, enterprises, and devices! ᛫ Overviewioctl commands
Extend the reach of your Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon Tokens to the IoTeX Blockchain, or make your Native IoTeX Dapp cross-chain Submit your TokenioTube App
ioctl is the IoTeX command-line client to interact with an IoTeX Gateway Node. With ioctl, you can send and query actions to the blockchain, manage accounts, transfer XRC20 tokens, deploy smart contracts, create a decentralized identity, and much more!
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Core API
IoTeX Dapp Sample
Build your IoTeX Integration
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Decentralized Identity
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