ioPay Official

The official ioPay wallet supports token transfers, contract interactions, staking IOTX, interact with Dapps

ioPay Mobile

ioPay Mobile is the official mobile app for interacting with the IoTeX blockchain. It enables users to send and receive IOTX and XRC20 tokens, interact with dApps, stake and vote for Delegates, and much more. With the release of ioPay V2, the app now supports multiple chains, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum, among others.

-> Download ioPay Mobile

-> Check out ioPay Mobile's Developer Documentation

IoTeX Web Wallet

IoTeX Web Wallet is your comprehensive command center for engaging with the IoTeX ecosystem. Designed for ease of use and multi-chain functionality, it allows users to buy, trade, bridge, stake, and access dApps directly from any Metamask-compatible browser.

-> Connect to the wallet at

IoTeX Desktop Wallet

Please be aware that development of the IoTeX Desktop Wallet has been discontinued. We recommend using ioPay Mobile or the IoTeX Web Wallet instead.

IoTeX Desktop wallet is an electron based desktop wallet. It connects to IoTeX network using IoTeX Antenna (IoTeX Chain SDK, It offers ledger app connection, send IOTX and XRC20 tokens.

-> Download IoTeX Desktop Desktop

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