Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable claims are statements made by an entity about a 'subject' whose authorship can be cryptographically verified. They can be combined with DID documents to provide trusted service. IoTeX verifiable credentials include the following features:
  • Claims are used to create verifiable credentials by issuers.
  • Verifiable credentials are decentralized and contextual.
  • Credential issuers decide on which claims are contained in the credentials.
  • Verifiers make their own trust decisions about which credentials to accept.
  • Verifiers do not need to contact issuers to perform verification.
  • Credential holders are free to choose which credentials to carry and what information to disclose.
Here is a draft IoTeX verifiable credentials example:
"@context": "",
"id": "did:io:0xb36A1D1778f9D5E5816682c2cC0d16C65828a6b4/credentials/1",
"type": ["Credential", "NameCredential"],
"issuer": "did:io:0x669d00D4191fB397c780212EB81B439F5Ec9967d",
"issued": "2019-09-01",
"claim": {
"id": "did:io:0x669d00D4191fB397c780212EB81B439F5Ec9967d",
"name": "John Doe",
"address": "..."
"proof": {
"type": "RsaSignature2018",
"created": "2017-06-18T21:19:10Z",
"creator": "did:io:0xb36A1D1778f9D5E5816682c2cC0d16C65828a6b4#key-1",
"nonce": "c0ae1c8e-c7e7-469f-b252-86e6a0e7387e",
"signatureValue": "BavEll0/I1zpYw8XNi1bgVg/sCneO4Jugez
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