Pebble Tracker

Take Control of Your Data with Pebble!

For the IoT to reach its full potential, the ability for anyone to verify that the underlying data and code are trustworthy is paramount. As our world becomes more digitized by the day, Pebble Tracker establishes a new standard for trust based on transparency, reliability, and verifiability.

IoTeX's Pebble meets the demand of applications that require strong data security, integrity protection, and multiparty trust across the entire supply chain. Existing asset tracking solutions lack critical security features, rendering them easily hackable and exposed to data corruption.

Pebble is a breakthrough blockchain-powered device that captures physical world data to give you trusted information about real-world events in real-time.

Who is Pebble for?

Blockchain users who own Pebble Trackers can register their devices to the IoTeX MachineFi Portal, fund their accounts, and start joining the new world of MachineFi Dapps and games to regain ownership of their data and start earning from providing it to third-party.

Blockchain Developers can use trusted data from Pebble devices in their smart contracts to build innovative MachineFi decentralized applications (DApps), or to enforce business logic in a trusted way, extending verifiability from data to code (smart contracts).

Supply Chain developers can use Pebble to establish a higher standard of trust for supply chain and transportation & logistics use cases with verifiable GPS, climate, motion, and light data. Pebble can serve as an unbiased third party in consortium scenarios where absolute trust is needed.

IoT developers who want to prototype Blockchain-based solutions, can develop their custom firmware for Pebble Tracker and take advantage of a decentralized network to receive, verify, and archive device data, ready to be used in Blockchain applications.

Interested building Pebble dApps?

Check out Pebble's full documentation 👇

The new Pebble Docs will be released shortly. Stay tuned 😉

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