Testnet Tokens

What are Testnet Tokens?

The IoTeX testnet is a separate network from the mainnet, although it has equivalent functionalities, including the presence of an 'IOTX' token along with XRC20 tokens.

The IoTeX testnet is frequently reset and is susceptible to bugs during the deployment of beta releases of the blockchain. Since testnet wallet balances and smart contract balances can be reset or wiped out at any time, test tokens do not hold any real 'value.'"

Why use Testnet Tokens?

Testing dApps functionalities consumes IOTX tokens, which can become very expensive if you develop on the IoTeX mainnet directly. The IoTeX mainnet is used for real-value transactions involving tokens with actual value.

If you develop or test your contracts directly on the mainnet you not only consume gas fees when running transactions but also risk potential serious monetary loss due to any bugs or mistakes.

As blockchain developers, it's advisable to use the IoTeX testnet for your development. Here, any dApp can be deployed to a production-like network where tokens don't have any real value.

It's important to note that testnet IOTX tokens are not tradable on exchanges, serving exclusively as a valuable tool for development and testing.

The IoTeX Developer Portal

The best way for any developer to have acces to testnet IOTX is to create a developer account on the IoTeX Developer Portal and claim test tokens in their personal profile. Simply connect your wallet on IOTX testnet and start claiming test IOTX immediately.

From faucet

Another way to obtain test IOTX tokens for users that may need them for different purposes, other than developing, is to request them on the IoTeX web faucet:

NOTE: This will soon be deprecated in favor of an alternative option in the dev portal.

  • Network: Testnet

  • Amount: 1000 IOTX-T

  • Sender address: io10t7juxazfteqzjsd6qjk7tkgmngj2tm7n4fvrd

  • Requirements:

    • Login with Google Account

    • Request only once

The IoTeX team provides this faucet: if you like our project, please star iotex-core on Github.

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