Web3 Development
Web3 Development and Solidity support

EVM support

IoTeX is a 100% EVM-compatible smart-contract platform. IoTeX can run any existing Solidity smart contract with no change to the code. IoTeX implements the EVM "Istanbul" release, which brings the following improvements over the previous version:
  • Align the costs of opcodes with their computational costs and improve denial-of-service attack resilience
  • Make layer 2 solutions based on SNARKs and STARKs more performant.
  • Enable interoperation with Zcash
  • Allow contracts to introduce more creative functions.

Web3 Tools support

Besides its native transactions, IoTeX also natively supports Ethereum transactions. Thanks to the Babel service (an Ethereum API Gateway for the IoTeX blockchain) users and developers can now take advantage of the rich ecosystem of existing Ethereum tools to interact and build on IoTeX: tools like MetaMask, Truffle, or The Graph can work natively with IoTeX by just pointing them to a Babel Endpoint!
In the following section, we will see how to configure the most popular Ethereum tools to be used on IoTeX. For more information, check out the Babel Service API documentation:
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