W3bStream Network
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W3bStream is a general framework for connecting the physical world to the metaverse with the innovative combination of blockchain and IoT. In a nutshell, W3bStream uses the IoTeX blockchain to orchestrate a decentralized gateway network (i.e., W3bStream nodes) that enables two-way communications between IoT devices in the physical world and the decentralized applications (Dapps) in the metaverse.
W3bStream Layer-2 Network

Use cases

W3bStream allows the easy creation of DAOs of groups of devices or machines for a specific application. For example blockchain oracles can be easily deployed: a group of things that work together to commit verifiable telemetry or intelligence they produced to the blockchain metaverse.
Below is a short list of possible oracles that can be built:
  • Proof-of-presence
  • Proof-of-interaction
  • Geofencing
  • Weather/traffic/carbon derivatives
  • Trade of droid/satellite images
  • Decentralized machine learning
Mechanical Turks are a group of things that pool their utilities together for a common goal. These can also be bootstrapped thanks to W3bStream.
Typical examples include:
  • Raspberry Pis that work together to stress-test a website.
  • A fleet of autonomous vehicles that run an Uber-like business.
  • Solar panels trade energy in a P2P fashion.
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