W3bstream Network

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About W3bstream

W3bstream is a general framework for connecting devices, machines in physical world to blockchains world. In a nutshell, W3bStream uses the IoTeX blockchain to orchestrate a decentralized gateway network (i.e., W3bStream nodes) that streams encrypted data from IoT devices and machines and generate proofs to blockchains. Developers builds their dapps with real world data access on the W3bStream framework.

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W3bstream's full documentation can be found at the link below 👇

W3bstream's use cases

W3bstream allows the easy creation of DAOs of groups of devices or machines for a specific application. For example, blockchain oracles can be easily deployed: a group of things that work together to commit verifiable telemetry or intelligence they produced to the blockchain metaverse.
Below is a short list of possible oracles that can be built:
  • Proof-of-presence
  • Proof-of-interaction
  • Geofencing
  • Weather/traffic/carbon derivatives
  • Trade of droid/satellite images
  • Decentralized machine learning
Mechanical Turks are a group of things that pool their utilities together for a common goal. These can also be bootstrapped thanks to W3bstream.
Typical examples include:
  • Raspberry Pis that work together to stress-test a website.
  • A fleet of autonomous vehicles that run an Uber-like business.
  • Solar panels trade energy in a P2P fashion.