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Introducing the new IoTeX Halo Grants Program, managed by the IoTeX Foundation, dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the IoTeX ecosystem. The Halo Grants Program empowers developers to create innovative Dapps in the fields of DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Infrastructure/Developer Tooling, and most importantly, DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks).

The revamped Halo Grants Program now features two main programs: The Developer Grants and The Project Grants. The Developer Grants, tailored for individual developers on a learning path, is divided into three tiers: Learner, Explorer, and Builder. Each tier caters to different developer backgrounds and experiences, ensuring that everyone can contribute to the growth and adoption of the IoTeX technology, ecosystem, and community.

The Project Grants, designed for professional developers and teams with proven experience, consists of two tiers: The Integration Tier and the DePIN Incubator. The Integration Tier focuses on projects porting Dapps or tools from other chains onto the IoTeX ecosystem, while the DePIN Incubator supports projects that either already have an existing product or possess expertise in their field, aiming to develop DePIN projects from scratch or add DePIN elements to their existing products.

Embark on this exciting journey with us and help shape the future of the IoTeX ecosystem!


The IoTeX Foundation provides technical guidance, financial support, marketing support, community engagement, and investment opportunities for builders, both technical and non-technical!

Mailing list with 100,000+ subscribers β€” Got a great project? We will feature it in our newsletter. Be front and center for all crypto users in our community.

Be a part of our ecosystem highlights β€” Get your name in the know with IoTeX community amplification.

Exposure to thousands of new users through IoPay Wallet β€” Our breakthrough wallet ioPay is used by over 100,000 users monthly.

We help you find and onboard your first user! β€” A vast network of people from all around the world. Finding your first user has never been easier.

We help you attract beta testers! β€” With our wide network, we help you find users for your project.

Ecosystem integration – In addition, we will help the best projects bootstrap into the IoTeX ecosystem by integrating them into popular products such as:

The IoTeX Decentralized bridge:

The IoTeX Official IoPay Wallet:

The most popular DEX on IoTeX:

Our Governance Portal:

Popular Dapps Explorers:

Yield Farming Calculators:

DeFi Dashboards:

VC Bootstrapping Platforms:

…and more

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