The IoTeX Learner

The IoTeX Learner Grant is the first tier of our Developer Grants, specifically designed for those who are new to the IoTeX ecosystem and eager to learn. This tier offers a supportive environment for developers to familiarize themselves with the IoTeX platform, expand their knowledge, and gain hands-on experience.

The IoTeX Learner Grant focuses on providing resources such as test tokens, learning content, and access to our community of experienced developers. To complete this grant and get their SBT token, devs will have to pass a short live test with one of our team members.

Does the word "test" sound scary to you? 👻 No worries, we're here to help you and give you all the resources necessary to succeed.

Our test is a simple interview based on the following content:

Below you'll also find a list of requirements and expectations we have of our applicants:

  • Active participation in the IoTeX Developer Community: Sign up for the Dev Portal, and engage with fellow developers in the community, through are various activities.

What we expect
  • Learn the basics of the IoTeX Tech Stack (This is content we mentioned in the section above)

  • Actively participate in the learning process: Utilize the resources provided, engage with fellow IoTeX developers, and continuously improve your skills and understanding of the platform.

Remember, if anything is unclear, or if you even have any question or need support, you can always find us on our Discord server

When you're ready to embark on this journey, use the form below to apply for this grant and schedule the short interview with one of out team members:

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