The IoTeX Builder

This grant is intended for developers who want to focus on building a simple DePIN proof of concept, and offers up to 2000 USDT (in hardware and funds) depending on your existing user base and your skills level, as well as the quality of your content.

As an IoTeX Builder, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into the IoTeX ecosystem, exploring the full potential of decentralized applications (dApps) using IoTeX and W3bstream. You'll work on more complex projects, such as developing DePIN solutions, or creating W3bstream-compatible smart devices, all while deploying your projects on the IoTeX Testnet and possibly even the Mainnet, depending on your application.

Join the ranks of the most skilled and ambitious developers in the IoTeX community as you take on the challenge of the IoTeX Builder Grant and make a lasting impact on the future of the connected world.

  • Proven expertise and experience: Showcase your expertise in your chosen field by providing links to past projects, GitHub repositories, and other relevant work that demonstrates your advanced skills and experience.

What we expect
  • We expect you to provide a public GitHub repository for your project, with a well-crafted Readme file with all necessary instructions for developers to get started with your project.

  • Continued community engagement and participation to some of our activities.

Eligible Contributions
  • A full scale GitHub repository of your DePIN PoC with W3bstream

Keep in mind that you'll have to provide a link to your work, so make sure you're happy with what you've done before moving on with the application. You can always reach out to our Discord Server with any question or for any support.

Is your PoC ready to be shared with the world? 🎉

Once you're proud of your work, and your repo is looking great, it's time for you to fill out the form below and get your long awaited IoTeX Builder SBT.

⚠️ NOTE: You'll have to provide a link to your project, so make sure you're happy with what you've built before moving on with the application.

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