IoTeX Improvement Proposals (IIP)

What are IoTeX Improvement Proposals

An IoTeX Improvement Proposal (or "IIP") is a design document providing information to the IoTeX community, or describing a new feature for IoTeX, its processes, or its environment.

IIPs are intended to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features, collecting community input on an issue, and documenting the design decisions that have been implemented in the IoTeX ecosystem.

Because IIPs are maintained as text files in a versioned repository, their revision history also represents the historical record of the feature proposal itself.

Submitting an IIP

Anyone can submit an IIP: A proposal should provide a concise technical specification and a rationale for the new feature. The IIP author is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.

You can read more about IoTeX IIPs, browse past proposals and submit a new one by sending a pull request to the GitHub repository:

The Governance Portal

The IoTeX Governance Portal is powered by Snapshot, a no-fee governance tool based on IPFS that makes it simple for decentralized networks to run open votes, polls, and referendums. Follow the link below to browse through or vote on existing proposals, as well as create a new one. 👇

The Governance Forum

Check out our governance forum, if you'd like to meet the community and discuss new proposals: 👇

Feel free to checkout this blog article if you'd like to learn more about decentralized governance in the IoTeX ecosystem.

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