Official ioPay Wallet
The official ioPay wallet supports token transfers, contract interactions, staking IOTX, and claiming VITA tokens.
ioPay is the "All-in-One" official wallet app from the IoTeX team, to interact with the IoTeX blockchain send/receive IOTX and XRC20 tokens, execute smart contracts, stake & vote for Delegates, interact with dApps, and much more.
ioPay is available on desktop computers for Linux, Windows and macOS; on mobile for iOS and Android devices.

ioPay Mobile app

Download ioPay Mobile at
IoTeX - Building the Connected World

ioPay Desktop app

Download ioPay Desktop at
ioPay Desktop - IoTeX network wallet.

ioPay for Ledger app

Check out this guide to install and use the IoTeX wallet app on the popular Ledger Nano hardware wallet:
Ledger Nano app
IoTeX Onboarding Pack