Official IoTeX Wallets
The official ioPay wallet supports token transfers, contract interactions, staking IOTX, interact with Dapps


ioPay is the "All-in-One" mobile app to interact with the IoTeX blockchain send/receive IOTX and XRC20 tokens, execute smart contracts, stake & vote for Delegates, interact with Dapps, and much more.
Starting from ioPay V2, ioPay supports multi chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, etc.
Download ioPay at
ioPay - Multi-chain Support Crypto Wallet

IoTeX Desktop Wallet

IoTeX Desktop wallet is an electron based desktop wallet. It connects to IoTeX network using IoTeX Antenna (IoTeX Chain SDK, It offers ledger app connection, send IOTX and XRC20 tokens.
Releases · iotexproject/iotex-desktop-wallet

IoTeX Ledger app

Check out this guide to install and use the IoTeX wallet app on the popular Ledger Nano hardware wallet:
Ledger Nano app
IoTeX Onboarding Pack
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