Metamask Wallet

Metamask wallet supports token transfers and contract interactions on the native IoTeX Blockchain.

MetaMask is a browser extension and a mobile app that handles blockchain account management and helps users securely interact with web dApps. It’s supported in Chrome, Brave, and Safari browsers, as well as it is available for Android and iOS devices.

Connecting Metamask to the IoTeX blockchain is as easy as adding a new network in Metamask, and configure it using the IoTeX testnet or mainnet Babel endpoints.

In the following, we assume you have Metamask installed. If you don't, then you can get it from the official website, install it, and import or create a new wallet.

Connect Metamask to IoTeX

You can use both the Metamask browser plugin or the Metamask mobile app if you want. Here, we will show the instructions for the browser plugin: for the mobile app, the configuration is very similar.

1. Add a custom RPC/Network

In the Metamask browser extension, open the "Networks" drop-down menu at the top, and choose the "Custom RPC" menu item:

2. Mainnet and Testnet network configuration

Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet or IoTeX Testnet (see how to Access the Babel API doc for the actual Network parameters):

3. Save and select the IoTeX network

Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network: