Real-world Data Oracle
This section is Work in Progress.
The IoTeX Real-world Data Oracle is a decentralized protocol developed on top of the IoTeX public blockchain. Its mission is to seamlessly connect devices and machines to the blockchain, contribute their data and utilities to Dapps autonomously, and power unprecedented innovations.
It can be used to implement DAOs ("Decentralized Autonomous Organizations") of a group of devices or machines for a specific application:
The use cases mostly fall into two categories:
  • Oracles: a group of things that work together to commit verifiable telemetry or intelligence they produced to the blockchain metaverse. Typical examples are:
    • Proof-of-presence.
    • Proof of interaction.
    • Geofencing.
    • Finance derivatives from real-world data (e.g., weather/traffic/carbon derivatives).
    • Trade of droid/satellite images, or decentralized machine learning.
  • Mechanical Turk: A group of things that pool their utilities together for a common goal. Typical examples include:
    • Raspberry Pis work together to stress-test a website.
    • A fleet of autonomous vehicles runs an Uber-like business.
    • Solar panels trade energy in a P2P fashion.
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