Submit a Grant Request

🏗 This section is work-in-progress 🏗
When submitting a proposal, the first step is to determine which grant tier best suits you or your team. To learn more about the most appropriate grant for you or your team, refer to the either the Developer Grants or the Projects Grants sections in this documentation.
The Developer Portal serves as an excellent starting point for submitting your grant proposal and exploring the latest submissions from other projects. Our grants are managed through a web3 native service called Questbook, which promotes transparency and decentralization.
Once you have selected the appropriate grant tier for your project, you will be redirected to Questbook to embark on your journey. Click on the chosen tier to access additional information, view active proposals, and participate in open discussions between builders, reviewers, and the IoTeX team.
You will now be directed to the Proposal Form, where you’ll need to provide information about yourself, you email and the wallet you’d like to associate with the proposal (i.e., where you’d like to receive the funds), as well as the details about the proposal itself.
When you're done with your details, it's time to add your proposal details!
Be as specific as possible when describing your proposal. If you need assistance, refer to the Grant Verticals section or to the DePIN Submission Ideas page.
When setting milestones for your proposal and determining the funding amount, ensure that you adhere to the requirements and expectations outlined for the grant tier you’re applying for. For more information, refer to the Grant Tiers section.
Submit when you're ready to go, and your grant proposal will be recorded on the blockchain!
While we encourage you to be as comprehensive as possible in your proposal, keep in mind that there is always time for edits afterwards, so don't stress too much about it.
Once your proposal has been successfully created, you have the option of subscribing to live Telegram notifications, which will make the communication between your team, reviewers and the IoTeX Team much more efficient.
Once live, your proposal may be approved by community reviewers or IoTeX team members, asked to make modifications, or potentially rejected. If you get a tag like the one highlighted in the image below, it means that your proposal has been accepted.
In the meantime, you should now see a screen similar to the one just above. Anyone in the community can now see and join the discussion on your project. The goal is to have an open and transparent conversation and allow the community to participate in the decision making process.
Use this page to communicate with your reviewers or the IoTeX team, and to submit your milestones for review! You're now officially part of the Halo Grants Program!