Testnet Tokens

From faucet

One way to obtain test IOTX tokens is to request them on the IoTeX web faucet:
  • Network: Testnet
  • Amount: 1000 IOTX-T
  • Sender address: io10t7juxazfteqzjsd6qjk7tkgmngj2tm7n4fvrd
  • Requirements:
    • Login with Google Account
    • Request only once
The IoTeX team provides this faucet: if you like our project, please star iotex-core on Github.

Ask on Discord

Another option to get some test IOTX tokens is to join our Discord Server and ask an admin in the #developers-chat channel:
  • Simone [IoTeX]#7906 (Admin)
  • Jeremi Rynkiewicz#6988 (Admin)
Join the IoTeX Official Discord Server!
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