Testnet Tokens

Developer Portal

The best way for any developer to have acces to testnet IOTX is to create a developer account on the IoTeX Developer Portal and claim test tokens in their personal profile. Simply connect your wallet on IOTX testnet and start claiming test IOTX immediately.
Claim test IOTX from your Dev Portal profile

From faucet

Another way to obtain test IOTX tokens for users that may need them for different purposes, other than developing, is to request them on the IoTeX web faucet:
NOTE: This will soon be deprecated in favor of an alternative option in the dev portal.
  • Network: Testnet
  • Amount: 1000 IOTX-T
  • Sender address: io10t7juxazfteqzjsd6qjk7tkgmngj2tm7n4fvrd
  • Requirements:
    • Login with Google Account
    • Request only once
The IoTeX team provides this faucet: if you like our project, please star iotex-core on Github.

Ask on Discord

Another option to get some test IOTX tokens is to join our Discord Server and ask an admin in the #developers-chat channel:
  • Simone [IoTeX]#7906 (Admin)
  • Jeremi Rynkiewicz#6988 (Admin)
Join the IoTeX Official Discord Server!
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