Obtain Test Tokens

When building a new dApp, it's not a good idea to test it directly on the IoTeX mainnet: testing dApp functionalities consumes IOTX tokens, which can become very expensive on a mainnet, that is used for “actual” transactions with tokens that have “value." In fact, any bugs or mistakes on the mainnet can lead to serious monetary loss.

For this reason, all blockchain developers use the IoTeX testnet as the development environment, where they can deploy their dApps in a production-like environment before deployment to the IoTeX mainnet. In fact, the IoTeX testnet is a distinct network from the mainnet: it defines its own tokens, including the IOTX token. Nevertheless, these "test tokens" have no actual "value": you cannot trade them on exchanges, and you can get as many of them as you want for free.

One way to obtain test IOTX tokens is to request them on the IoTeX web faucet:

  • Network: Testnet

  • Amount: 1000 IOTX-T

  • Sender address: io10t7juxazfteqzjsd6qjk7tkgmngj2tm7n4fvrd

  • Requirements:

    • Login with Google Account

    • Request only once

The IoTeX team provides this faucet: if you like our project, please star iotex-core on Github.

Another option to get some test IOTX tokens is to join our Discord Server and reach out to an admin in the developers-chat:

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