IoTeX dApp Sample


The IoTeX dApp Sample is a comfortable environment for learning IoTeX development and is the best way to build a new dApp.
It sets up a basic working example that is cross-blockchain, multi-asset and supports the most popular wallet apps (including Metamask) out of the box. The example utilizes the latest JavaScript features, provides a nice developer experience and optimizes your app for production.
You’ll need to have Node>=10.17.0.
IoTeX dApp Starter
This sample dApp supports Typescript as includes Vite as a fast build server, React as the frontend framework, Chakra as a components library, and Cypress as a testing suite.

Get Started

To start your IoTeX dApp, you can fork the dApp Sample repository:
  1. 2.
    Click the "Use this template" button:
3. Clone your new repository:
git clone<your-github-username>/iotex-dapp-sample-v2.git
Once the repository is cloned, you can start the demo app with:
cd iotex-dapp-sample-v2
yarn install
yarn start
See the demo app running on your local machine at localhost:3000, and start building your great new idea!


Here's a cheat sheet as a reference:
import { rootStore, useStore } from '@/store/index';
const { god } = useStore()
// or const god = rootStore.god
god.currentChain.chainId // for current connected chain id
god.currentChain.Coin // eth/bnb/iotx
god.currentChain.Coin.balance // current balance
// ... see ChainState
god.currentNetwork.account // for current connected account address
// ... see NetworkState
god.setShowConnecter() // to show/close the Wallet Selector
god.currentNetwork.loadBalance() // to load chain coin balance
god.currentNetwork.multicall() // main function to batch read state from contract
god.currentNetwork.execContract() // main function to execute contract
// multicall/execContract example
import ERC20ABI from "..."
const newToken = {
address: "0x810ee35443639348adbbc467b33310d2ab43c168",
abi: ERC20ABI,
symbol: "",
name: "",
decimals: "",
balance: new BignumberState({}),
const {address, abi} = newToken
await god.currentNetwork.multicall([
{ address, abi, method: 'symbol', handler: (v: any) => (newToken.symbol = v.toString()) },
{ address, abi, method: 'name', handler: (v: any) => ( = v.toString()) },
{ address, abi, method: 'decimals', handler: (v: any) => (newToken.decimals = Number(v.toString())) },
{ address, abi, method: 'balanceOf', params:[god.currentNetwork.account] handler: newToken.balance},
await god.currenNetwork.execContract({adderss,abi,method:"transfer", params:["0x", "100000000000000000"]})
await god.currenNetwork.execContract({adderss,abi,method:"approve", params:["0x", "100000000000000000"]})
// to help share the bignumber between on function and UI
import BN from 'bignumber.js';
import { BigNumberState } from '@/store/standard/BigNumberState';
const tokenAmount = new BigNumberState({value: new BN(1000000000000000000), decimals: 18 })
console.log(tokenAmount.value.toFixed(0), tokenAmount.format)
// 1000000000000000000, 1
tokenAmount.setValue(new BN(2000000000000000000))
// 2000000000000000000, 2