Antenna is the IoTeX official SDK that allows you to interact with a local or remote IoTeX blockchain node using a gRPC connection. With Antenna you have all that you need to fetch informations from the blockchain: current network status, wallets balance or transaction details can be easily obtainted with the functions provided.

If your application involves sending blockchain actions, from IOTX transfers and smart contract calls, to XRC20 tokens management and direct gRPC API calls you are all covered!

Reference implementation is included for each supported language, and examples of how to use these libraries can be found in the Examples section.

Supported Languages

antenna-js (Javascript): Installation | GitHub

antenna-java (java): Installation | GitHub

antenna-go (go lang): Installation | GitHub

antenna-swift (iOS): Installation | GitHub

antenna-embedded (C): Installation | GitHub


Crypto This module provides crypto functions to generate public/private keys, sign transactions and data, and other cryptographic utility functions.

RPC-Methods This modure allows to call any RPC-Method provided by an IoTeX Blockchain Gateway.

Account This Class provides functions to create and manage blockchain accounts

Action This module allows to create and manage blockchain actions

Contract This class allows to interact with contract deployed on the IoTeX Blockchain, given the contract address and the ABI

XRC20 This module allows to send, receive and query wallets for XRC20 tokens deployed on the IoTeX Blockchain.