Interact with the blockchain

Now that you have a local IoTeX gateway node running in your terminal window (and simulating an entire Testnet in itself!), let's start interacting with it using the ioctl command-line client.

Point ioctl to your local gateway node:

ioctl config set endpoint localhost:14014 --insecure

Check the blockchain current epoch, height, and other meta information:

$ ioctl bc info
Blockchain Node: localhost:14014
"height": 126,
"numActions": 126,
"tps": 1,
"tpsFloat": 0.0021198923

Verify the balance of your account:

$ ioctl account balance dev-acc
io1a8r9fvu6e3vthfaqvnxlhc6eavsm6t8a2cwtud: 100000000000000000000000000000000000 IOTX