Action Injector
Action injector is a simulation tool to simulate action traffic by injecting random actions to the gateway node.

Get the source code

You find the source code in the iotex-core GitHub repository, under the "tools" directory:
iotex-core/tools/actioninjector.v2 at 812b27f3b960074ecb49750b3be0850f641119e8 · iotexproject/iotex-core

Build the injector

Clone the iotex-core repository and build the tool like below:
git clone
cd iotex-core
cd tools
cd actioninjector.v2
After the tool is built, the executable can be found in the release/forlder. Type the following to get the allowed options:
release/injector-darwin-amd64 inject --help
release/injector-linux-amd64 inject --help
inject actions [options : -m] (default:random).
injector inject [flags]
--action-type string action type to inject (default "transfer")
--addr string target ip:port for grpc connection (default "")
--aps int actions to be injected per second (default 30)
--check-recipt check recept
--contract string smart contract address (default "io1pmjhyksxmz2xpxn2qmz4gx9qq2kn2gdr8un4xq")
--duration duration duration when the injection will run (default 60h0m0s)
--execution-amount int execution amount
--execution-gas-limit uint execution gas limit (default 100000)
--execution-gas-price int execution gas price
-h, --help help for inject
--injector-config-path string path of config file of genesis transfer addresses (default "./tools/actioninjector.v2/gentsfaddrs.yaml")
--insecure insecure network
--load-token-amount int init load how much token to inject accounts
--rand-accounts int number of accounst to use (default 3000)
--reset-interval duration time interval to reset nonce counter (default 10s)
--retry-interval duration sleep interval between two consecutive rpc retries (default 1s)
--retry-num uint maximum number of rpc retries (default 5)
--transfer-amount int execution amount
--transfer-gas-limit uint transfer gas limit (default 20000)
--transfer-gas-price int transfer gas price
--workers uint number of workers (default 10)
The file gentsfaddrs.yaml includes the list of accounts used by the tool
Note: in case during the execution you come ove error messages such as "action is not found", check the following:
  1. 1.
    Incorrect nonce (too small or too large)
  2. 2.
    Too low gas price
  3. 3.
    Too small gas limit
  4. 4.
    Account balance not enough (amount + gas price * gas limit)
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