W3bStream SDK
The client application is wrapped as an SDK that should be integrated with Web2 IoT partners’ applications and serve as the bridge to connect a Web2-based IoT system to the W3bStream node(s). The client application SDK contains the following functions:
  • keyGen() – Generate a secp256k1 ECC private and public key pair
  • twinIdGen(pubKey) – Derive a decentralized identifier (DID) for the device’s digital twin from the public key
  • ecdsaSign(msg, len, priKey) – Generate an ECDSA signature on a message of length len
  • devBind(devId, twinId, walletAddr, ownerSig) – Bind an IoT device identity (i.e., device identifier devID and its digital twin identifier twinID) with its owner’s blockchain wallet address
  • dataEncode(dataRaw, dataObj, algorithmId) – Encode the raw data into a data object using a specific data encoding algorithm
  • dataEncrypt(dataObj, encObj) – Encrypt a data object with AES encryption
  • dataSend(devId, dataObj, protocolId, endPoint) – Send a data object to a connectivity endpoint
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