W3bStream Node Lifecycle
The W3bStream framework incentivizes communities to run nodes for supporting the growth of MachineFi Dapps in the IoTeX ecosystem. Depending on the requirements of a Dapp, a certain number of W3bStream nodes might be employed to serve the Dapp.
Lifecycle of a W3bStream Node
Any community member who is interested in operating a W3bStream node should provision a virtual machine on the cloud or set up a local server. After downloading and running the official W3bStream docker image, the node is in the ‘Idle’ state. Once a node operator signs up for a Dapp and loads the business logic module (i.e., a Wasm module), the node goes to the ‘Ready’ state. Whenever the required number of W3bStream nodes are online, all of them go to the ‘Busy’ state and start serving the Dapp. If a node operator decides to leave the current Dapp, the W3bStream node becomes ‘Idle’ again and is able to serve other Dapps. The states of all the W3bStream nodes are managed by a smart contract on the blockchain.
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